We cover your back with a lush forest…

We lay a vast turquoise sea under your feet.

We make your vacation unique with our carefully prepared menu in our terrace restaurant, relaxing by the pool side while sipping your drinks, saying hello to the day with the oxygen level that will burn your lungs among the birds chirping in Urla's İskele locality.


FROM THE VERY BRANCH!Our natural products, together with the olive oil we obtain from our olive trees olive trees in our garden; you can enjoy the dishes that we prepare with the ingredients taken from the original producers in our region.


TRANQUILITYDid you want to spend a calm and serene day that starts with the sunrise and refresh your soul and body and be alone with the sounds of nature?

We do not promise you this calmness, we invite you to this serenity...


TASTYWe are not talking about the picture you see, in fact, it is quite different from the the way it looks; but if you ask whether it is delicious or not, it is absolutely delicious without any doubts to the contrary...

But when we are talking about the taste, we mean the taste of the pleasure, the texture of nature here...

Our Rooms

Reserve your place now for a calm and peaceful accommodation experience with a total of 9 rooms designed in a simple and minimalist manner in a lush nature…

So that you can breathe in the scent of the mountain, the sea, the earth, the air and nature that soothes your soul, and make sure that crown all these beauties with a good sleep...


Beliz'i Teras Restaurant welcomes every season of the year in a unique way. Imagine a terrace where you can cool off with the famous wind of Urla during the hot summer and experience all the colors of the spring together. During winter , we wholeheartedly invite you to converse with your friends next to the fireplace that will warm you up.



We bring a breath of fresh air to all your events and meetings with the Beliz Team.

We continue making difference with our personalized concept and miscellaneous options for all your organizations during twelve months.